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  • I had my first set of lash extensions applied in another studio. I was looking to get them for an upcoming wedding and they had an opening quicker than anyone else. Looking back, there was obviously a reason for this. I wish I would have done my homework and waited for an appointment with Dalinda. My first set was applied too heavy for my natural lashes, with many extensions glued to one lash, my own lashes glued together, and even glue on my skin. This caused pain and pinching when I blinked which was very uncomfortable. My eyelids felt so irritated and inflamed--I felt like I needed to rub my eyes a lot. This caused even further damage to my natural lashes. Thankfully, I found Dalinda who is helping me get my natural lashes healthy again. She applied a full set of lash extensions and they are beautiful with NO pinching whatsoever!!! I don't even feel them!!! I am so thankful for her expertise and her kindness in helping me. I encourage anyone looking into lash extensions to go to Dalinda. She is very professional and personable. She does an amazing job and truly cares about her clients. The quality of her work is incomparable to others! Her studio is very relaxing and welcoming. I cannot speak highly enough about her. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get eyelash extensions!

  • If you're looking to get lash extensions; Highly recommend going to see DaLinda, owner of Lash Out Loud in Moorhead, MN! Very personable, knowledgeable and her passion shows through her work; "It's confidence applied right to the face." #LashLove

  • I am truly in love with my lashes now. I have always wanted longer fuller lashes and now I have them. I cannot wait to go out and show my friends this weekend.

      The experience was  excellent. Clean, calm and relaxing environment. DaLinda was great about explaining everything and made           me feel comfortable and beautiful.

      Thanks DaLinda. LOVE MY LASHES.

  • I am so thrilled with how my lash extensions turned out! The professionalism, detailed precision, and enthusiasm that DaLinda puts into her work is fantastic!! Two thumbs up!!! 

  • Something I've been thinking about doing for a while! Dalinda is quite possibly one of the most understanding and accommodating people I've come across. Her hours say: Always open. That is no lie. She makes sure to adjust her schedule to accommodate any working woman. She understands. She gets it. She knows. I spent time researching and reading reviews. She wins hands down. If you are a busy woman and don't get to take a lot of time for yourself, she is the perfect pampering princess! I can't wait to go for my regular fills on a regular basis.

      "We're all ladies. And ALL ladies deserve to feel pretty". - Dalinda

       Take some time for you... you'll be almost as happy as I am!!

  • Just had my lashes done for the first time. And let me tell you. I'm in love with them. And DaLinda is so professional and very personal. I highly recommend her. You won't be disappointed

  • I can't get enough of my lashes! DeLinda did an amazing job! I would highly recommend Lash Out Loud!

  • DaLinda did an amazing job on my lashes and was professional and friendly. It impressed me that she expressed strong care about cleanliness and about lashes being done correctly! My lashes look amazing and it was a relaxing process!I'll definitely be referring my friends to this business!

  • I love my lashes and I had so many compliments on how beautiful they are. DeLinda is simple wonderful and makes you feel comfortable during the process.

  • My lashes are absolutely gorgeous! This is my first time getting lash extensions and I am so impressed with the results. DaLinda did a fantastic job and was so professional! The first time I saw them I just said so pretty. I would recommend Lash Out Loud to all my friends! I am in love with my lashes!! Thank you DaLinda!

  • DaLinda does amazing work! Would definitely recommend to friends. Love my lashes!

  • Love my lashes! Lash Out Loud has convenient hours, reasonable prices, and was a great experience all around!

  • First time ever getting lashes and I LOVE them!!! DaLinda made them look gorgeous. I definitely would recommend her to anyone considering!

  • I had my first set done by DaLinda and I am amazed by her work. The environment was very clean and relaxing. I would recommend her to any of my friends. I am so happy and excited that I no longer have to wear mascaras or apply false lashes all the time. :)


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